Saturday, May 07, 2011

A win is a win, right?

When making the decision whether or not to buy UFC 129 I thought long and hard about the pluses and minuses before I'd put up my hard earned money. While I was intrigued by the card, the history in the making etc it really came down to the main event. And, based on that main event, I didn't buy the PPV. Bottom line for me was it just didn't seem like an exciting fight on paper. I haven't been excited by any of GSP's recent title defenses and Jake Shields fights have never been really exciting. So, it begs the question is it more important to keep winning or to potentially lose in an exciting manner? If you ask Ben Askren winning by any means is most important. I Guess if you're the defending champ then winning is the only thing that matters. But like many of you I'd rather see guys just go out there and throw caution to the wind. I think in some respects as the skill of fighters in UFC continues to increase a lot more high level fights will become the strategic chess matches we've seen recently as opposed to the all out wars that continue to entertain on the under card. And in maybe the strangest coincidence of all the heavyweights to me continue to have some of the most entertaining fights and highest percentage of finishes. Go figure

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