Sunday, August 26, 2007

Quick Hits

1) With all the stuff going on with UFC they really need a magazine show like the old Inside the UFC show to keep everyone in the loop. I've felt disconnected lately in between shows. It feels like the hype machine dies in between seasons of The Ultimate Fighter. I love Spike but don't always watch non-UFC shows (a back handed slap at TNA) so I often miss the commercials and general marketing of major shows

2) Randy Coture is a freak of nature. Period. It also makes me wonder if heavyweight isn't the weakest division in UFC (for now)

3) Lost in the shuffle with all the Benoit backlash is the run of bad luck with injuries in the WWE. Really HHH and Rey Mysterio couldn't be coming back at a better time. I also realize just how important Edge has become as a performer

4) I'm once again at a point where I am losing interest in pro wrestling my one true guilty pleasure in life. I still watch RAW religiously but have found the story lines just uninteresting. I record Smackdown but rarely rush to watch it. comment. What was once a compelling alternative to WWE is now simply a rehash of WCW and that's NOT good. I love Ring of Honor but it's hard to keep up with it unless you buy each and every DVD

5) As usually happens, I simply don't have the time or interest to keep up with non-UFC MMA any more. I know there have been some great matches on Bodog Fight and the IFL but simply not enough hours in the day to watch what is, compared to UFC, minor league product

6) While I prefer UFC rules, I do miss the alternative and the spectacle that was Pride